The Self-Service Checkout Nightmare!

Some may have nightmares of humans losing the art of communication, as machines begin to replace so many of the tasks that for centuries, we have had to do alone.

That being said, we can all relate to the nightmare that is self-service checkouts and buying age-restricted items.

With facial recognition, the friction created by waiting for a sales assistant to come and fix your flashing, beeping machine, bottle of Pinot in hand on a Friday night, is resolved.

FR can identify, with 99.9% accuracy, whether you are legally allowed to purchase said product. It can even personalise your shopping experience to recognise your weekly shop, which products you’re likely to pick up off of the shelves and reward you with loyalty points when you shop using this method.

Much like contactless payments, or Apple Pay, when first introduced into society, it was met with great controversy. But now, can you remember a time when you didn’t grab your coffee on the way to work without using your thumbprint? Back in the olden days of a chip and pin machine? Or God forbid, cash?

The same could be said for facial recognition. Instead of frantically rummaging around for your keys in the bottom of your briefcase, simply walk to your car, and unlock it with your face.

In each sector, whether it’s retail, healthcare, transport, education, or leisure, each has room for facial recognition to reduce a little bit of the friction that goes hand in hand with daily life.  

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