SecureCall: Face to Face

In the new world that we find ourselves in, post-COVID19, the importance of video-calling and online communication has become an incredibly prevalent part of society. 

Remote working has become a new way of life; it’s the new normal. There’s now a need to ensure that the individual on the other end of the call, is who they say they are. 

SecureCall is a tool which can be used to verify, monitor and safeguard individuals taking part in an online call.

As a partner of Microsoft, we’re developing our software to run alongside Microsoft Teams. This software acts as a call monitor; ensuring that both the call attendee and organiser are who they say they are. 

Users upload a ‘face’, which is then validated to our technical requirements. This face is then assigned to an email address, which is used to verify the user on the call.

This software is vital to a host of sectors, education and health in particular. 

In a scenario where a doctor is communicating with a patient, via Microsoft Teams, it’s crucial that both the patient and doctor can be verified, especially when prescribing healthcare and treatment plans. 

Likewise, within the education sector, safeguarding online is an indispensable resource. 

SecureCall can be used to ensure that both teacher and student can be verified, but equally, that a minimum of two students are participating in a call at one time. 

The same applies for those working within large scale corporations who may not know their co-workers by face or name; verification is essential. 

SecureCall offers an extra level of security and safeguarding and is a vital tool for modern day society. 

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