Introducing: SecureCall.

Good morning all, it’s Ellen here! Today, we’re chatting about SecureCall.

Speaking as a student who’s undertaking a Masters Degree in Falmouth this September, I’m a person who’s going to spend a great deal of time in virtual classrooms in the coming months.

The new world that we’re living in, because of the COVID19 pandemic, has forced the education sector to pivot significantly, in order for schools, colleges and universities to reopen. 

My course is going to be a blend of in-person and online teaching; so, what tools are going to be put in place to ensure that both the lecturer and the student are who they say they are? 

What’s stopping me from asking my flatmate to sit my course for me? How can we ensure that the online classroom is a safe, supportive environment?

Enter stage right, SecureCall. TouchByte’s latest initiative to use facial recognition, in partnership with Microsoft Teams. 

I’m a writer by trade, not a tech nerd. So, I’ll leave this handy little video guide, created in collaboration with Harrison, our head nerd here at TouchByte, to explain how this technology really works. 

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