How can Facial Recognition optimise high-street retail?

TouchByte uses facial recognition to provide valuable insight into in-store analytics. This data is then used to optimise in-store retail experiences. In short, if your customer is happy, your customer is spending money.

By tailoring user experience to perfectly match your customers’ needs, they’re far more likely to return to your store, to gain the same kind of customer satisfaction. 

By using digital signage, powered by TouchByte’s FaceStream and FaceStream Lite, content can be targeted at a visiting demographic, adjusted accordingly to characteristics as specific as gender, age, and buying patterns. If the individual is enrolled into the system, the signage can then be personalised further to bring up products that they’ve bought before and make recommendations on what else they might be interested in purchasing.  

Much like online shopping, where you see: “Customers who bought this, also love…”, facial recognition is able to adapt and tailor itself to understand users’ regular buying habits, therefore making the buying process smoother, and improve overall customer service. 

Digital technology and online shopping have caught up to this style of analytic, so why shouldn’t high-street retail do the same? 

This technology is already being used within retail stores in Asia, where customers have to “Smile to Pay”. Users register an account with their payment details, object recognition software analyses what they’ve picked up and put into their shopping baskets, and facial payment authentication then asks them to “smile” into a pre-programmed camera once they’ve completed their shop. 

This allows them to leave the building and go about their daily lives, with as little friction as possible. In terms of promoting an enjoyable, friendly environment, which is user-friendly to all, facial recognition offers a substantial, streamlined and sophisticated method for easing the friction that everyday society brings.  

TouchByte treats your personal data very seriously, and aims to meet ethical and legal standards, as well as complying with GDPR regulations.

If you’re a retailer interested in obtaining vital data that video analytics can unlock, to in turn better understand your customer and optimise your stores’ capacity, get in touch to implement TouchByte’s user-friendly facial recognition software today:

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