Facial Recognition in a post-COVID world

How can FR be used in our brave new world?

The post-COVID world that we’re now entering is a scary place to be. It’s vital that businesses are innovating and creating to comply with new regulations, but to also invent solutions to the new challenges we face. 

Anything involving touch is out of the question. That’s why TouchByte has taken a side-step away from touch-related facial recognition, and a huge leap towards contactless access solutions instead. 

It might seem like a futuristic approach, but facial recognition is already a huge part of our daily lives. Smartphones use facial recognition to pay for goods; so why not implement this technology in supermarkets? Hotels? On transport? It’s safer, germ-free and could allow a multitude of sectors across the UK to re-open. 

The hospitality sector in particular is facing a new array of problems, which innovative technology can solve. Hotels are going to struggle significantly to provide a personalised experience for their guests, without compromising the safety of their staff. 

With facial recognition technology, not only does this limit the requirement for interaction, but it can also be used to create an entirely customisable environment. 

Facial recognition can work alongside digital signage, which can be tailored to each individual guest. Equally, guests can make note of their personal preferences; which gin they prefer in their G&T, having the lights switched on in their room upon arrival, or any food allergies. 

As they arrive at the bar, or into their room, facial recognition identifies the guest, highlights these preferences, and can aid front of house staff to provide a more personal experience. 

If you’d like to find out more about TouchByte’s personalised facial recognition technology, get in touch today: www.touchbyte.co.uk

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