FaceStream: Analytics

FaceStream is a way of capturing footfall as people enter a building.

FaceStream is a video analytic tool designed to enable clients to capture footfall of customers as they enter a building, shop, or hotel. It can also be used in the transport sector.

We capture data that enables better customer insights. This in turn, allows retailers and store owners to provide a more personalised customer experience.

In the post-COVID19 world that we’re living in, managing footfall and understanding your customer is vital. By better understanding what a client wants, retailers are better able to deliver a memorable user-experience.

These insights are vital in the battle against COVID19. This data can be used to improve sales performance, and helps reduce operational and staff costs.

The anonymous data we capture is:

  • Footfall – the number, date and time individual customers arrived
  • Demographics – their estimated age & gender
  • Dwell time – how long they stayed
  • Movement – flow around the site
  • Location – analysis across multiple zones in a single site
  • Signage – trigger digital displays to show relevant content matched to the demographic of visiting customers


An anonymous face image is converted into a random number, analysed and then deleted. No identifiable personal data is held and is not stored longer than a day. It is not accessed or associated with any other data.

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