Facentry: Contactless Access Solutions

The hospitality sector now faces a huge array of challenges post-COVID19. The UK-wide lockdown has significantly impacted how this sector is able to operate, forcing many companies to temporarily close their doors. 

With TouchByte contactless technology, we can re-open this entire sector impacted by COVID19, simply with a face. 

Access solutions requiring keycodes and plastic key-cards are now no longer a safe option for guests. TouchByte has created a new approach to fit new requirements; entirely contactless access to buildings and spaces. 

The obvious solution, for us, is the ability to use face instead. It’s non-invasive, automatic, and most importantly, safe

With TouchByte’s Facentry technology, guests are able to complete their hotel booking online by uploading a selfie, which links to the hotel PMS system. 

This selfie acts as a key, which can be used as an access solution anywhere in the hotel. Whether it’s a hotel room, spa, swimming pool or VIP area – your face is your key

After uploading a selfie, the guest is sent a notification via digital messaging, allocating them a room. This allows the guest to arrive at the hotel, and immediately enter their room, making personalised interaction with front of house staff optional. 

This technology is also available at the point of arrival instead of the point of the booking; by using a facial recognition kiosk, guests can arrive in the lobby, create their ‘face-key’, and be allocated a room from here. 

Facentry can also be used to personalise a guests’ experience. When a guest makes a note of their personal preferences via their booking, this information is merged with their face.

When Mr Jones arrives at the bar, front of house staff are already aware of which gin he likes, and that he’s allergic to peanuts. He also likes the lights in his room turned on when he arrives. 

TouchByte’s Facentry is designed to allow hotels to provide a personalised and professional experience, but in a controlled and safe manner to cater to COVID19 requirements.  

Get in touch today to find out more: www.touchbyte.co.uk 

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