Introducing: Facentry.

Second in our ‘Introducing’ Series, is Facentry.  Unfortunately, this video explainer doesn’t feature the wonderful Harrison Hayward-Gore, but it does explain how our software works in the hospitality sector; we provide completely contactless access solutions in response to the covid19 pandemic.  Get in touch to find out about our #covidsolution today!

FaceStream: Analytics

FaceStream is a way of capturing footfall as people enter a building. FaceStream is a video analytic tool designed to enable clients to capture footfall of customers as they enter a building, shop, or hotel. It can also be used in the transport sector. We capture data that enables better customer insights. This in turn, allows retailers and store owners […]

The Self-Service Checkout Nightmare!

Some may have nightmares of humans losing the art of communication, as machines begin to replace so many of the tasks that for centuries, we have had to do alone. That being said, we can all relate to the nightmare that is self-service checkouts and buying age-restricted items.


Contactless Access Control for Construction Sites

Innovate UK Funding Story The leisure, hospitality and retail sectors now face a huge array of challenges due to the covid19 pandemic. The UK-wide lockdown has heavily impacted how these sectors operate, forcing many companies to temporarily close their doors. In response to this, TouchByte has taken the initiative to pivot to a new sector, […]