Other Industries

University Lecture theatre face recognition register
University Lecture theatre face recognition register

TouchByte’s latest interactive technologies provide solutions for many other sectors.


Student safety whilst on Campus is ensured using Face Registration
Automated registration using Camera’s in Lecture Theatres
Kiosks for course information
Wayfinder for student maps and College and University information


“Ask-Advice” Kiosk for video consolation between consultant and patient
Integration of Microsoft Lync and Skype

Consultant with Patient using Lync
Consultant with Patient using Lync

Face Recognition for patient safety in secure wards
Patient Registration Kiosk

Local Council

Face recognition for Bus Pass issuing Kiosk
Face Recognition for security in Council offices
Visitor Registration Kiosks
Access Control for sports centre and gym membership


Face Recognition for R&D facilities
Face Recognition Time & Attendance for Personnel records
Reception Kiosk for Head Office reception

waitress 970x500Restaurants

Face recognition for Customer Count
Face Recognition for Age & Gender
Face Recognition for notifying VIP’s, critics & undesirables
Kiosk for pre-ordering


Face Recognition for security at the development centres, the paddock and the pits
Face Recognition for customer VIP notification
Interactive Kiosks for customer information
Video walls / Digital Signage for the Showrooms

Super Yachts
super yacht recognition notification
super yacht recognition notification

Guest boarding notification using face recognition
Crew time keeping
Intruder notification


Face Recognition for Age notification
Face Recognition watch list for known addicts
Face Recognition for notification of VIP and High Rollers arrival