Stadium football
Stadium football

We have a number of technology innovations that assist many areas within the Leisure Market – Pubs, Clubs, Stadiums, Casino’s, Hotels and Restaurants.

Customer Service

Knowing who you customers are is addressed through Face Recognition technology. As soon as a registered customer enters the premises a notification is sent to a manager or supervisor’s mobile or tablet.

If a VIP arrives, immediately the head of customer services or front of house is notified. If they are a trouble maker the head of Security is made aware.

Automated check-in kiosk using Face Recognition to speed up arrival at a Hotel or venue.

Secure room access using Facentry (Face Recognition) as a key replacement.


People count for Nightclubs and Entertainment Venues to ensure maximum entry number aren’t exceeded.

By using the Age & Gender functionality this can support Pubs and Clubs in clamping down on under age drinking.

Registered gamblers can be uploaded onto a watch database which then can ensure their gambling is monitored!

Casino Face Recognition
Casino Face Recognition