Leisure Industry

Improving customer experience is key focus for all sectors of the Leisure Industry

Monitoring guest movements, automated Hotel and Event booking systems, Automated quest check-in Kiosks, Face Recognition as room booking and access system,

TouchBtye provide a range of solutions to improve customer experience….


Retail Industry

Knowing who you customers are is key requirement to understanding their buying habits and decision making process.

Innovative technologies from TouchByte can help build brand loyalty and offer superior customer service….


Finance Industry

Customer service and loyalty are key areas where the Banks are looking towards innovative technologies to support greater engagement with their customers.

Remote advisors, Kiosk applications and Face Recognition are all TouchByte’s technologies that can help…….


Health Sector

Health sector continues to go through technological change with significant cost savings still to be achieved.

Privacy and greater security for patients, remote patient consultation and requirement to collaborate between different parties.

TouchByte provide a number of relevant technologies….


Catering Industry

Restaurants, Cafés and Fast Food Outlets are all interested in knowing who their customers are.

TouchByte can using Face Recognition report on the number of customers, their age and gender and notify when an important customer, known food critic or troublemaker enters….



Casinos have a legal requirement to monitor self confessed gamblers, no one under 21 can gamble and drinks can only be served to anyone over 18.

Face Recognition can help monitor these either anonymously through age and gender prompting or by watch lists of known addicts….

Cruise Ships

Cruise Ships, Super Yachts

Luxury boats thrive on hospitality and knowing who your guests are and their preferences, differentiates you from others and improves the level of customer service offered.

TouchByte Face Recognition and Interactive Software Solutions are ideal to improve that all important customer experience….

Other Industries

Other Industries

Businesses have a need to grow through building customer loyalty and offering superior customer service.

TouchByte technologies can be developed to streamline and solve many other sectors business problems….