Skype Extensions

Lync Skype Extensions
Lync Skype Extensions

Embedding voice and video into an application reduces the human latency that exists within a process flow.

TouchByte partners with Microsoft to embed Skype for Business into either existing customer applications and creating new ways of working. Microsoft’s term for this is Communications Embedded Business Process (CEBP).

red button to activate video
red button to activate video

Some examples are listed below:

Example solutions

  1. Welcome Kiosk. Self Service Reception Kiosks with integration into Active Directory, Exchange and Lync – for host notification of visitor arrival and printing of ID badge.
  2. Lync integration into Face Recognition . For identification of availability and right skill set of relevant resource.
  3. “Ask- Advice” – Lync integrated into a Kiosk for availability of the right resource using IM, voice and video collaboration and communication.
  4. Touchost. Hospitality touchpad for Hotels and Leisure facilities.
  5. Map integration . Triangulation of people, vehicles and buildings onto a map with “click to call” using Lync or Skype.
  6. Floorplan integration . Lync integration into a floorplan to enable “click to call”.
  7. Wayfinder – Lync integration into a Wayfinder
  8. Lync plug-ins – A library of plug-ins is being developed, simple add-ons that make a big difference!