Reception Kiosk

TouchByte reception kiosk
TouchByte reception kiosk

Chec-In Reception Kiosk Software

TouchByte offers a self-service reception kiosk software solution, Chec-In, that integrates into Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange.

It streamlines the front desk reception sign-in process, contacts the host and completes the registration procedure.

For compliance purposes the system provides a full electronic audit of who has been in the building and when.

There is a new receptionist monitoring module which gives a view of who is in reception and how long they’ve been waiting.

Kiosk workflow reception
Kiosk workflow reception

The system caters for single or multiple visitors, taking images of each visitor’s face and issuing each a security badge. Depending on your preferred security arrangements, visitors are either issued with a badge allowing entry or the host picks up the badges and hands them to the visitors.

Badges are easily customised to show company branding and messaging. RFID technology can also be built into the badge to track and trace visitor movements.

Face Recognition

The face images captured can be used for the face recognition option which could further speed up the sign-in process. For instance, repeat visitors would be recognised and prompted to ask if they were to see the same person again.

The Face Recognition option allows for temporary staff, contractor passes to be automatically issued based on an Active Directory match.

Portrait Acquisition software can be used in conjunction with Active Directory to ensure the quality of the images captured.